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Selling Your Home in Oakville

Prepare your home for sale with our luxury real estate team. We provide highly personalized service to help guide you through the ever-changing marketplace.

How We Support Our Sellers

Our personal, trustworthy agents make sure that your home is given proper exposure to the right buyers, making knowledgeable decisions on the right time and place to market your property. When you sell with SAUNDERS, SAXTON & WINTER, you know you’re selling with the best.
  • With substantial experience in selling all genres and price ranges including luxury, waterfront, heritage, and recreational our team will assist you with selling your property in the GTA.
  • Preparing your home for sale can be an onerous undertaking. Our team is here to walk you through all aspects of the transaction from pre-list preparation to closing day. We work together as one, putting your needs first, while focusing on communication and attention to detail.
  • Selling your home with SAUNDERS, SAXTON & WINTER gives you access to our extensive network of connections. We work with some of the finest, and only recommend those we trust.
  • We work to make sure your property looks its finest by providing market-leading photography, videography and staging.
  • We provide accurate, comprehensive market evaluations based on current trends and our experienced knowledge of the marketplace.
  • As seasoned real estate agents, we are skilled negotiators. We use modern real estate technology and cutting-edge marketing tools to sell your home.
I just sold my house and couldn’t be happier with the services SSW provided to make it happen. They are top-notch professionals living and breathing Oakville; you won’t find better representation.



Our Network

Real estate is all about finding the right exposure. Our extensive marketing of your property makes sure your home will be seen in local, national, and global markets. No matter where they are, we’ll find the right buyer for your home.

Getting Started

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Our team offers state-of-the-art real time pricing tools that are fed with legitimate data. This data is teamed with our wealth of knowledge of local markets, so we come prepared to discuss your home with the experience and knowledge you deserve.

With our white-glove personalized service, we provide staging and offer recommendations of service providers we feel will help to enhance your property and get the most out of the sale of your home.

After we have your home picture perfect we will market it with world-class photography, video, and other professional marketing materials.

Maxing Your Exposure

With SAUNDERS, SAXTON & WINTER and Re/Max Escarpment, we guarantee that your home will get the exposure it deserves.

With a team deeply rooted in the community, we have a plethora of clients and colleagues to spread the word.

The access we offer is unmatched, with platforms from the Wall Street Journal, Juwai, Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, Robb Report, and more!

We also offer unique advertising tools that allow us to build a custom ad for your property across all online platforms.

You can’t sell a secret, so leave it to the professionals to get the most out of your property.

Concierge-Style Service

Your home will look its best with our unique suggestions and staying on top of current design trends. Our personal touch will ensure that your home is showcased at an elite level and that everything is in place for showings.

Our extensive list of top-of-the-line service providers ensures that together we find the right professional to make sure your home is ready for market.

Once showings begin, we will ensure to book them around your schedule. It’s important to feel comfortable throughout all aspects of the transaction – at SAUNDERS, SAXTON & WINTER we are here to help.

Negotiating & Closing

With over 85 years of experience in the industry, we are all too familiar with tough negotiations to ensure you are protected and achieve a price you are congenial with.

Whether it is buying or selling it is important to have the right professionals at your side.

At SAUNDERS, SAXTON & WINTER we have an extensive list of professionals to ensure you are covered from organizing a mortgage to finding the right movers to help you organize your new home. We ensure you will be covered in all aspects of the transaction.

Wondering What Your Home is Worth?

It is imperative to understand market trends and the current value of your home to ensure it is the right time for you to sell. We provide detailed, comprehensive home evaluations. These evaluations are designed to determine neighbourhood trends, provide current statistics and show you how much equity you have in your home. If you are not planning to sell presently, we are happy to drop by; a yearly market update can be helpful with financial and estate planning.

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