November 12, 2021

2022 Colour Trends Choices


2022 Colour Choices Bring The Outdoors In and Invoke Harmony, Balance and Calm

It’s no wonder that after years of being locked down indoors that 2022 colour trends are directed towards soothing our emotional state. In 2022, emerging colour selections will be brimming with grey-greens and lively organic hues designed to welcome the outdoors in. This decor trend will be underscored by a movement towards leafy natural patterns and textures. The comforting Zen-like embrace of these green undertones and shades will will be accompanied by a parallel trend towards subtle earthy tones. Softer colours are rising in popularity as they invoke an emotive response and bring a sense of comfort, peace and safety in the home. Gentle greens and greys reflect the natural world and take the edge off the stuffiness and monotony of a more restricted lifestyle. Marketing minds at major brands such as Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams all concur that 2022 design choices will showcase sophisticated shades of forest and field. If you are contemplating a decorating project it’s the perfect time to update your special space. Your home will give you a big hug and thank you for the fresh new mood and keep you cozy until life returns to normal.

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