August 25, 2022

5 Reasons to Use a Local Oakville Agent to Sell Your Home


While some people are content to have a non-local agent handle the sale of their home, using a local Oakville realtor can be far more beneficial than you’d expect. Local realtors offer a variety of benefits over general agents from different areas.

Their personal experience allows you to sell with someone who is trusted by the community and understands the area you’re selling in better than anyone else. A local agent can share their insight into Oakville’s local history and market trends and ensure that your home sells better than it ever could with the generic insight of a different agent.

Read along to find five reasons why you should use a local Oakville realtor to sell your home:

Local Experts

Local agents know the neighbourhoods and market of the place you’re selling in and are able to make recommendations based on this expert knowledge.

For example, a young family will have different needs than a retired couple looking to downsize. Real estate groups like SAUNDERS, SAXTON & WINTER can indicate different homes in recommended neighbourhoods to suit each family’s needs. A local agent will be able to find you appropriate buyers who will find further value in your home thanks to the amenities it is near including schools, businesses, transportation, and more.

Availability and In-Person Access

When selling with a local agent, your realtor can be available in person to help you through the selling process. It is much simpler to communicate in person when selling a home and using a local agent makes it all the easier.

A local realtor can stage your home, host open houses, and attend processes like the home inspection, walkthrough, and closing to make sure that there are no issues that arise. Working in person creates a more efficient process, alleviating stress in what can be a nerve-wracking procedure.

Access to Local Industry Connections

Local agents and real estate groups are connected to a network of other contractors, professionals, and lawyers in the area who can help you with your purchase. They also have relationships with other agents; having a realtor who is well-respected and known by the other agent can go a long way in negotiating and creating a smooth closing process.

Using a network of professionals in the industry who understand and offer detailed insight into the needs of the area allows you to have all your bases covered. Contractors will have a better understanding of costs and bylaws, lawyers will know the regional demands for paperwork, and professionals like decorators will know what is popular in the area to help drive sales.

Detailed Insight into Market History & Trends

Local agents understand their markets better than anyone else. As experts in the area, they know and understand local pricing and property values. You can feel confident in your home’s value when professionals in the area offer their insight.

Experts also understand what types of homes are in demand and can make recommendations based on that information. With experience in the local market, they’ll understand its history as well, and be able to use that insight to prepare for any trends they may know about.

Market Your Home to the Right Demographic

A local expert can target the right buyer for your home by understanding the type of people in the area, and the things they’re looking for. Not only will they market your home to the right buyers, but they’ll also provide their personal insight into how to market your home effectively, ensuring you get as many potential buyers as possible.

Whether you’re thinking about selling your home or you’re simply curious about why it may be beneficial to use a local agent over someone from out of the area, SAUNDERS, SAXTON & WINTER offers trusted Oakville realtors who can help you get the job done. Contact us to learn how we can help you sell your home today!

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